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Installing Gutter Guard

Gutter Pros UK only install gutter guard products that we know and trust. We get exclusive rates from our gutter guard suppliers, which make us a cost effective way to have gutter guard professionally installed.

Do I need Gutter Guard?
It can be very beneficial to install Gutter Guards in your gutters. These are particularly beneficial if you have;

a 3 storey property and access is very dangerous and difficult;
a conservatory or extension that cannot be accessed easily;
a tree in close proximity of your house;
trees nearby in your neighbourhood ;
moss growing on the roof, as it gets continually washed into the gutters;
not got the time to clean out gutters and downpipes regularly.
However, it can be a total waste of time and money if you choose the wrong type of gutter guard that does not work. Read below on to find our top rated product.

Gutter Guard – Which Type Should I Get?
This is a common question that we get asked all the time. Read on and we will tell you in our opinion, what the best gutter guard is, based on years of hands on experience in the gutter cleaning industry. There are various types of gutter guard on the market. But which is best? There are 4 main types of gutter guard available are Grid, Brush. Foam and Screen.

#4 Foam Gutter Guard.
Gutter Guard Foam Insert
Gutter guard foam insert profile
Foam Gutter Guard Installed

Foam gutter guard is typically a pre cut foam insert that fit inside to fill the gutter area. The dense foam is designed to absorb water but totally stop any debris from entering the guttering system, which it does very well. It is very quick to install, and can be relatively cheap. On the surface this seemed to be a fantastic option, but has one problem that has potential to render the whole thing useless.

As the foam is so dense and sits in the gutter flat, debris including leaves and silt can easily form a layer on top of the foam which can create a barrier. As you can imagine, this debris will prevent water draining into the gutter and force water to cascade over the front of your guttering system.

#3 Mesh/Grid Gutter Guard.
Gutter Guard Interlocking Grid
Gutter Guard Mesh Roll
Problems with gutter guard mesh

There is various types of mesh style gutter guard on the market, and tends to be the most common and readily available gutter guard in the UK. The most common types of mesh/grid is the plastic/metal roll grid and the interlocking plastic grid.

Both are a nightmare to install and don’t tend to last very long. It can be difficult to get the guard to sit in the gutter appropriately and keep it there. It is very common for debris to find its way around or through the grid especially silt, which acts very much like soil, and ends up growing well established grass plants and moss in the gutters, and through the grid.

So… the gutters still need to be cleaned out frequently, but now you have the added task of removing and cleaning the gutter guard, before cleaning the gutters, and finally replacing the gutter guard! You may as well save your time and money and just clean the gutters regularly.

#2 Reverse Curve Gutter Guard.
Reverse Drip Gutter Guards
Debris on gutter guard tray
Gutters Overflowing From Gutter Guard

The reverse curve gutter guard is a plastic or metal tray made with a small nose like curve at the front of the guard. The curve is designed to enable water to follow its contour, drip into the gutters, and push any debris off the end of the gutter.

The tray dramatically reduces the gutter opening that can accept water, with the intention to prevent debris from falling in. Debris can still find its way into the gutters and block up, which means that you will still have to clean out the gutters from time to time, which has now become a timely and difficult task.

The main concern with this type of gutter guard is its capability to force water strait over the end of the gutters, especially in heavy rain. The reverse gutter guard can be expensive to buy and is fiddly to fit and really does become an issue when gutter cleaning is required.

#1 Gutter Brush Gutter Guard.
Gutter guard preventing leaves entering gutter
Gutter brush installation
Gutter brush example

Gutter brush is definitely our top choice of gutter guard. It is very versatile and can be installed in valley gutters and floor drains. Some types of gutter brush come in a 4 meter continuous length which makes it easy to install and maintain. It sits in the gutter and allows water to drain effectively, but also prevents the majority of debris from going into the gutter, but more so fall over the top of the guttering. Some gutter brush manufacturers state that gutter brush is maintenance free. We don’t 100% agree with this statement but it definitely prevents the risk of blockages and reduces the frequency that gutters need to be cleaned. Adding to this, when gutter guard does need to be removed, cleaned and re installed, it can be done easily.

There are a few different types of gutter brush. Some are denser and more hard wearing than others, so it is worth seeking advice from a professional.