Gutter Cleaning Tools

3 Gutter Cleaning Tools That Work

So… you want to clean your gutters. The right gutter cleaning tools are essential if you want to clean your gutters quickly and safely. There are so many gutter cleaning tools on the market, don’t waste your money by choosing the wrong tools, some gutter cleaning tools can just make the task much more frustrating and difficult.

We are a professional gutter cleaning company and have a wealth of experience in this industry. We are committed to giving our readers useful information that will help them clean their gutters properly. We would always recommend hiring a professional but we understand that some home owners prefer to give this a go themselves.

Which tools are best?


Top of the gutter cleaning tool list PROGUTTER Gutter Cleaning Attachments
The PROGUTTER gutter cleaning tools are made from moulded plastic and have been designed to match the profile of standard guttering types. The attachment is designed to miss the gutter clips which could otherwise get in the way. The attachments fit onto universal extendable poles which allow a few meters of guttering in each direction, to be cleaned from one ladder position.

Pro Gutter Cleaning Tool in action. These gutter cleaning tools are particularly useful when trying to clean gutters that are above conservatories and extensions.

If you have aluminium guttering these tools may not be a useful. This is because aluminium gutters have internal clips that don’t allow tools to pass through easily.

You will still need a set of ladders to be able to clean your gutters with these gutter cleaning tools, so if you are not comfortable on ladders or you are not a competent ladder user, its not worth taking the risk, so get a professional to do this for you.

The PROGUTTER attachments are cheap to buy, prices starting from just £12.95 including delivery, but don’t forget to buy a extendible pole otherwise you will render the tool useless.

Progutter gutter cleaning tools accommodate all modern types of guttering profiles. Make sure you check your gutters before you buy to make sure you buy the right attachment. If you would like FREE advice, please contact us here or give us a call or if you are calling from a mobile you can contact us .

Half Round Gutter Cleaning Tool
Half Round
Square Gutter Cleaning Tool
Ogee Gutter Cleaning Tool

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Second place gutter cleaning tool list Gutter cleaning machine
Gutter Cleaning Machine Tools. If you have a lot of gutters on your property or if you need to clean your gutters more than once per year, then it might be worth considering investing in a better gutter cleaning tool. The Skyvac Home-Owner is a nifty residential grade vacuum system that enables you to suck out the wet and dry debris from your gutters without your feet leaving the ground.

Its lightweight poles can reach over your conservatory, porch or extension without too much trouble, and it comes with a variety of attachments to make sure you can get into your gutters easily.

You could share the cost of the gutter cleaning machine with family, friends or neighbours, who all could benefit from the gutter cleaning machine?

This is especially suitable for those people that need to clean out gutters routinely and that do not like using ladders. If your gutters are/or become too congested with debris, such as compact silt or vegetation, this gutter cleaning machine might struggle. Professional gutter cleaners usually use commercial / industrial grade gutter cleaning vacuums, which are more suited to heavy gutter cleaning tasks, so in this case it would be better to leave it to the pros.

Sky vac gutter cleaning tool attachments
Gutter Cleaning Tool Set
Gutter Machine Filter
Gutter Machine Filer
Debris Collected From Gutter Cleaning Machine
Debris Collected from Gutter Machine
The gutter cleaning machine costs around £400 for the basic model and extras are available such as a camera system that shows you the gutter cleaning action. This is handy but not essential for home-owners, as you can generally tell if the gutters are clean from the way the vacuum and poles behave and sound. This comes with practice.

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Third place gutter cleaning tool list Gutter Cleaning Rinsing Tool
Gutter Cleaning Hose ToolNow… This tool is great for rinsing gutters through after cleaning them out, and for testing downpipes and drains. The extendable gutter cleaning tool attaches to your garden hose which allows you to direct water into your gutters to finish of your gutter cleaning and to ensure water is draining accordingly.
This tool is also great for watering hanging baskets!

Warning! Its common for people to think that gutters can be cleaned out by simply flushing them through with water. This is not the case, and there are reasons why you shouldn’t try this. Firstly, it is very difficult to wash debris across the gutters, and secondly, downpipes and drains can get blocked easily and washing any debris down them can cause bigger problems.

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